1911-12 C55

1911-12 C55 Hockey cards have a similar look to many of their contemporary T-series cards and have the same dimensions. Unlike many of those sets, however, they are numbered and lack any advertisements on the back. Card fronts have a lithographed player picture. A box below the player contains his name and graphic hockey sticks on each side form part of the picture's border. A card number appears in a lower corner. Backs feature an ornate design, with a "Hockey Series" designation on top and a card number inside a circle at the bottom. The player's name and a rundown of his teams appear in between. Issued by Imperial Tobacco, there are 45 cards in the complete set, with two variations of Walter Smaill on card number 27. One version shows Smaill's right hand on a hockey stick, and the other shows his right hand on his hip.

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