1924-25 Maple Crispette V130

The premise seems simple enough: assemble a complete set of 30 1924 V130 Maple Crispette Hockey cards and trade them in for a free pair of skates. Since the cards were included in a box of candy, Canadian boys were sure to keep coming back for more. However, when the candy maker short prints one of those 30 cards, not only was it hard to cash in in 1924-25, but it has also been a source of frustration to hockey card collectors ever since. The front of the 1924 V130 Maple Crispette Hockey cards feature a black-and-white player photo. A thin black line surrounds the photo and a white border fills out the card. Inside the lower border area, the player's name appears in the lower left and a card number is at the right. Card backs simply contain a redemption offer from the manufacturer. Below a drawing of a blade for an ice skate, collectors are told to collect all 30 cards and exchange them for a free pair of skates. A Maple Crispette ad runs along the bottom. In order to keep down the costs of the promotion, Maple Crispette purposely short-printed one of the cards. That card featured Sprague Cleghorne, and his card from the set is one of the hobby's truly scarce and valuable cards. In fact, the V130 Maple Crispette set is considered complete without him by most. In addition to the early "chase" card, many of hockey's early legends.

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