1933-34 Sport Kings

There are 48 cards in the 1933 Sport Kings set, but only four of them feature hockey players. As a showcase of athletes from several different arenas, there are 18 different sports represented in the set. Many of the athletes included are legends, so the issue has remained quite popular over the years. The first individual cards of basketball players are featured, as well as a father/son combo and a woman athlete. Issued by Goudey, the cards feature a color painting of the athlete against a solid background. A red Sport King Gum banner appears above the picture, and a black strip with the player's name appears below it. There is also a silhouette that shows the sport that athlete plays. There is also a circular 1933 copyright that Goudey baseball collectors will recognize. The backs are also familiar, as they look almost the same as 1933 Goudey's layout. Most of the back is a biographical write-up, with a card number and player info above and an advertisement for Goudey Sport Kings gum below it. The four hockey players including Howie Morenz and Ace Bailey. Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Carl Hubbell are the only three baseball players in the set. Jim Thorpe, who also played major league baseball, is featured as a football player.

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